Christmas Giving Opportunities

The Christmas season can be a hard time for many, and we have an opportunity to give to members of our own church body who are struggling financially.  We have at least 3 families and 3 single women who need help.  There are 6 stockings hanging on the wall in the rear of the sanctuary, representing each family or individual. 

If you would like to contribute, you may place cash or a check in the stockings.  If you prefer to use the Square payment kiosk, make sure you include the code located near each stocking in the Custom Amount section.

Care packages are being sent to Josh Goleman's platoon stationed in South Korea, and those have already been fully funded!  Thank you so much!  Christmas cards may still be written for an opportunity to connect with the soldiers (a poster will be made for each soldier during the Prayer Advance in January). There is a table located near Guest Central in the sanctuary with blank cards.

Thank you for your sacrifices and generous gifts!