That Your Love May Abound Still More and More

Being a new blogger, there are a lot of things that I haven't learned yet, like how to save my work on the blog. After two hours of work, I hit the wrong button and lost all my work. I was ready to punt, but I did say I would have a blog. So, here is my next best thing, a short version. There is not the time to recreate what I done before.

Philippians 1:9-11 is Paul's prayer for the Phillipian church. He has already praised this church for its faithful "participation in the gospel" (multiple financial gifts) from the first day (since the church's founding) until now (in his imprisonment). This was a church with a strong reputation, one that Paul could depend on. Now he prays that they grow in their love even more and more. He probably has God, Paul himself, and boih believers and unbelievers in view. He wants their love to abound, not in financial giving this time, but in real knowledge and discernment. This knowledge, not a mental registry of things not known, but an understanding that comes though experience or relationship, that is, with Christ Himself, is what Paul has in mind. He wants them to know Christ more intimately and his will more clearly. This "real knowledge" or knowing Christ is coupled with discernment. He wants them to have depth of insight (spiritual & moral insight) that they would be able to approve the things which are excellent. By approve, he means that they would possess the skill (discerment) to "test & approve" the things that are morally excellent (virtuous). In doing so, they would be found sincere (genuine) and blameless before an unbelieving world, even until the day of Christ (His return). Paul desires that the Philippian church have an excellent reputation (blameless) before the unbelieving world, something he picks back up on in his exhortation section of the letter (2:15).  Finally, he notes that all of this is only possible through Christ Himself. Through Christ, they undergo such a transformation that they bear the fruit of righteousness. He is not here speaking of positional righteousness (justification), where Christ declares us rightousess on the grounds of Christ sacrifice, but transformational righteousness (sanctification), where their acts are a by-product (fruit) of the Christ they have come to know. His prayer for their love to abound in "real knwowledge" or intimate knowledge of Christ is to result in actively lving a righteous life with its many fruits. In so doing, a church ,or you and I are able to make God look good by bringing glory to Him. 





Bo, Thank you for the extra

Thank you for the extra time you put in to expand your message and allow us time to read, pray and grasp a better understanding of your teachings. I think I could be a little "greener" in the use of a blog. It took me about 30 minutes of looking through everything on the web page just to find your blog.

I will count my blessings today for a little more education! Since you have not posted yet today, I suppose I will check back later (and find your blog at a much faster rate).

Enjoy your day of blessings,


Keep up the good work

Seems to me that blogging is a natural (even though it may not feel like it now) extension of your teaching.
I have learned to create content for web posting in another document and paste it into the medium, so I don't lose the work. That way you also have it for re-use later.
Looking forward to more posts.

Rick Majzner

Just wanted you to know that

Just wanted you to know that I have been checking back to see if there were any more posts. Keep up the good work! Also, Brady had one of his best piano lessons ever yesterday! -Brie and drew and baby

Enjoying the blog, Pastor Bo!

Enjoying the blog, Pastor Bo! Thank you for making it possible for us to leave comments! I have read Philippians!
- Brie