DWELL - Night of Prayer

Welcome to my first blog ever.This will be a new experience for all of us. In fact, I wasn't sure I really wanted to enter the blogosphere. Afterall, I don't read any other blogs myself.  But after thinking about it, I realized there were at least three benefits that would come from blogging: 1) It would allow me to add additional sermon  points and biblical commentary that time would not permit during the message itself. 2) It would give me the opportunity to address other matters that are unrelated to the sermon. 3) It would also provide a platform for feedback from members of Crossroads. I realize that questions do arise from certain messages and this could be a fitting forum for such communication. With that said, here is my first blog - mainly an invitation to prayer with information.

This is a praying church. We are who we are because we see our desperate need of God and thus we seek Him in prayer. For those who are new to Crossroads, we begin each new year in January with a season of prayer. We call it our Prayer Advance. Its something like a retreat, except that we see ourselves advancing rather than retreating. Other prayer meetings and activities are often birthed out of this time when our whole church comes together in prayer and intercession.

Throughout the year, God draws our hearts back into the place of prayer in unique ways. Such is the case with a prayer event coming up this Friday, September 2 from 7-10 PM. We are calling it DWELL because it best describes how we are praying. We want to dwell in his presence and seek His favor in our lives. Meeting in the sanctuary, we will blend our time through both worship and intercession. A worship team will lead us in periods of worship with corporate expressions of prayer. We will not have a strong agenda as our desire is to mainly be with Him.

Immediately following DWELL, for those who want to participate, there will be prayer through the night in our prayer room. We call this NIGHTWATCH, because we will be praying through the watches of the night - 1st Watch (9 pm - 12 am); 2nd Watch (12 am - 3 am); 3rd Watch (3 am - 6 am).

We are inviting you to sign up to pray for at least 1 hour through the night. We are hoping for groups of ten people to enter the prayer room each hour through the night. For example, I have chosen 4:00 am. During this hour we will be praying for friends, loved ones, and others who are struggling in their faith. We will be praying for marriages, prodigal children, or those who just need to experience the redeeming grace of God.  

Join us for DWELL, NIGHTWATCH or both.