ASHA House

Dana Huber, a long-time member, wrote this to our congregation after spending part of her summer at Asha House:

Simply saying, "Thank You" could never be enough to express how truly grateful I am to have had the opportunity to visit the children of Asha (Hope) House in India.  What I found there, were mighty prayer warriors, confident, strong and joyful children and workers.  Christ and the truth of the gospel are truly at the center and foundation of this family of children and staff.

Were the staff family (Victor, Simini, Sapna and Lincy) not working diligently to care for these children, their lives would be filled with poverty, abuse, abandonment, neglect, and slavery.  Their faith is stronger than I've ever seen, but their needs are great.  It takes a vast amount of time, energy and finances to provide a physically and spiritually healthy environment for growth.  Let me assure you, YOU have already been an answer to their needs and prayers!! Asha House has fasted and prayed for almost two years for a team to come.  I was a part of that team, and you helped to make that possible!!!

Thank you so much for tangibly showing Jyoti, Brij, Tabitha, Marissa, and the many other children, that the Lord and the body of Christ truly care for them.  If you would like to stay updated or would like to donate to Asha House, please visit their website for more information.  Currently, they are raising funds for the purchase of land and permanent non-rental housing.  No one is turned away and many are already double bunked.  They need more room as soon as possible!  Supporters are also needed for everyday costs (detailed below).  Please prayerfully consider how you can continue to make an impact in India throught the children of Asha House.


Dana Huber

  • Monthly Expenses for Asha House: *approx. $3730 ($1540/food (meat twice a week); $720/current housing; $1475/medical, school, transportation, misc)
  • Sponsor One Child: *approx. $100/month (includes school supplies, food, medical, etc...)

for additional info please contact Dana Huber by clicking here.

to donate directly to AshaHouse click here.



was planted in the hearts of the house parents before they had even met.  Both Victor and Simini felt the Lord calling them to be a father and mother to the orphaned and rejected children of northern India.  Both hailing from South India, they have been called out of their comfort zones, out of the world they know and into a larger story of the Father Heart of God.  They went separately to the same Bible College, never meeting until their field work in Delhi.  They met working at a children’s home, where the Lord planted the vision to move out from their current ministry covering.  They were to pioneer new work in parts of India where the gospel hasn’t reached, and where there is little or no community of believers.

Their passion is for the broken children of India, specifically those whose parents are sex workers.  Asha House grew from their obedience and stepping out in faith when there was no clear path before them.  In March of 2007, Asha officially celebrated its opening and took in two children from an impoverished village nearby.  It has now grown to 27 children and 7 staff members, a large family, but a family nonetheless.  There is no institutional care at this hom, Victor and Simini know each and every child’s story, heart, and personality.  They share in the pain that the kids have undergone, and flood them with love to reawaken the dreams and freedom of a child’s heart.  Many of these children come from broken homes, abusive situations, children of sex workers, poverty, and abandonment.  Asha is a home for the children to receive redeeming love, a full, healthy diet, a great education, and a healthy community of believers.  The children have a daily routine of rising at 5 am, they then have prayer, bath time, breakfast, and off to school.  They arrive back in the afternoon around 3:00 where they have lunch, play time, study time, then evening prayer.  After prayer they study, have dinner, and then its off to bed ready to start the whole day again.  The children that don’t go to school spend their days being tutored by Asha staff members to prepare them for entering formal schooling.  All of the children will attend an English medium school, so they will be trilingual when they finish their education.  They know their village language, Hindi (the majority language in North India), and English the language of the business and professional world in India.  For the first time, these children will have an opportunity to be set free from poverty, prostitution, and hopelessness.